About us

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We’re a networking leadership team. We lead a team of over 300. My name is Stuart. I belong to a UK based network. The Co. we partner with are London based and is a top award-winning major UK PLC.

I joined this industry in 2004 as I was looking for something to generate a pension fund. I was working my Garden Centre and Garden Timber installation business and I was acutely ‘time poor’ and without a growing pension pot. I had money but no real quality of life and quite a bit of stress. I was introduced by a local chap who is now a good friend. I joined for the pension and soon realised that this was a good way to get some time back, with money. After working this very part-time I sold my garden centre operation 4 years later in 2008. I’ve worked the business part-time ever since.

Is it all plain sailing? No, absolutely not. What business is? However, the benefits far outweigh any negatives. Though to be fair I cannot honestly point at any real negatives at all! It’s flexible, put in as many or as few hours as you wish. Consistency being the key whether it’s 4 hours a week or 10 or whatever, consistency is the key to success with it. I was asked recently why I still do the business after 15 years? I replied without hesitation that there are so many reasons I enjoy it. The part-time element. The great friendships I’ve made. The cars I’ve had and have. The free top of the range holidays… All with zero overheads and no stress!

Who are the company we work with? Ultimately the answer is it doesn’t’ matter, as long as they’re ethical and trusted, tried and tested, help you with your financial goals and the uptake of the products or services is high. We will introduce to the company personally when we chat. Our experience, mine over 15 years, has shown us that ‘preconceptions’ are rife; therefore one can be put off what could have turned out to be a really great fit for their future just on hearing the name ‘ABC Co.’. We hear stories regarding this on a regular basis. We hear things like: “I didn’t realise the choices that this would afford us” – or – “I had no idea the income and benefits could be so good…” Contact us, get to know us as it’s us who will be teaching and guiding you.